Pelham Puppets and Ken White

A great time was had by all at The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre Open Day last month. I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the acquisitions that have been made through the Creative Wiltshire project. Lovely art work by Ken White of Swindon, including the XTC Black Sea LP cover. Also, loads of Pelham Puppets on display, courtesy of collector Peter Beavan, who is keen to see a permanent exhibition in the county dedicated to the company.

Pelham Puppets display
Pelham Puppets display

Being something of a fan of the Marlborough made puppets myself it was great to meet Peter and see his collection being enjoyed by visitors. The History Centre have acquired some puppets of their own as part of Creative Wiltshire, to compliment the company archive which they already hold.

Well done History Centre team!

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