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Confused by accreditation? Not sure which policies, plans and procedures are required – and what the difference is? If you are thinking of applying for Arts Council England accreditation, or are coming up for your review and need an external eye on all of that paperwork, give me a call.

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Museum storage


Need help with a collections conundrum? I have over 10 years experience working in collections management and documentation. I can provide advice and delivery on the full range of collections management projects for museums.

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I don’t have the money, but I can help you get it. I have a successful track record of working with museums to identify and apply for suitable project grant funding, from organisations such as the The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England and The Association of Independent Museums.

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Policies, Plans, Procedures

Policies, Procedures and Plans

Need help writing or reviewing your museum policies, procedures or plans? Not sure how to create your project activity plan? I can help guide you and your team through the process, from initial discussions and analysis through to creation and revision of final documents.

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MODES screengrab

Training and Modes

I am delighted to be able to offer two training and development packages. Modes consultancy and Introduction to Documentation training.

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Flip chart planning

Project planning and delivery

Got an idea but not sure if it is a viable project? Just received your grant and now need to deliver the project alongside everything else you are already doing? I can help you devise and plan your projects, as well as make sure delivery runs smoothly.

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