Creative Wiltshire

Happy New Year one and all

Starting off the new decade with a nice mix of exciting new projects and continuing work with some organizations I have worked with for a while now.

Looking back to the end of last year I finished the evaluation of a National Lottery Heritage Funded Collecting Cultures funded project run by the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre – Creative Wiltshire.

Creative Wiltshire infographic

Over the last 5 years museums, libraries and archives across the county have acquired over 250 new objects for their collections, telling the story of the creative industries in Wiltshire.

Inspired by and supporting this a wide range of activities and events have been delivered and enjoyed by over 47,000 participants.

The project story can be found online at and in the film at

Work has been delivered in partnership with Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and
Salisbury Museum, supported by a wide range of other organisations and individuals.

This ambitious project aimed high and succeeded in shining a light on an under-
represented area of Wiltshire’s heritage. More is now known about Creative Wiltshire and more people have enjoyed it.

Relationships forged during the project will continue to develop, ensuring heritage and
creativity remain linked and grow stronger together.


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