What a difference a month makes

Wow. How the world has changed since I last posted on here…..

First and foremost I hope you and yours are well and safe.

A window into my life over the last month would be:

Work/Serious stuff

As a freelancer I was already used to working from home, but now share the office with my wife every day. This has necessitated setting up a ‘when I’m having a remote meeting’ calendar so we don’t clash.

Zoom, Teams, Skype, Slack etc are now all a lot more familiar than they used to be.

I (successfully) delivered my first remote training session, which all involved agreed went a lot better than we were expecting!

With most people I usually work for now on furlough (another new term that is now very familiar) or a reduced service lots of projects I was working on have had to be put on hold. Fingers crossed we can pick up again on the other side.

So much brilliant support and advice from across the sector. One great example of many here from South West Museum Development

AIM like many others have adjusted their offer and have made their excellent bulletin available online. The current issue has articles on two projects I’ve worked on: An update on recent exhibition openings for projects funded by AIM Biffa Award History Makers grants, which I manage on behalf of AIM, and a piece from Emily at Bridport Museum on ‘Turner in Bridport’ which we worked on together last summer.

Home/Fun stuff

SO grateful to have a garden. Daily shambolic badminton across the flower beds keeping me fit.

The Getty Art Challenge (and others similar) is great fun and has exhibited some amazing skill and ingenuity. This does not fall into that category!

Flour Thrower
No flour was wasted in the making of this picture

Some of you will know I’m a big music fan and one of the essentials of a festival for me is a round or two of Ringo Music Bingo. This can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. A great way to pass a Saturday night (as long as you are prepared for cringeworthy puns).

So there you have it. A month unlike any other.

See you on the other side

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