Under the bonnet of Modes

The Modes Users Association (MUA) have just released the latest version of their Modes Complete museum collections management software (stop reading now if you are already yawning, but please read on if you are a bit of a data geek like me).

For the last few months I’ve been part of the team beavering away behind the scenes testing the software before release. As someone who has been working with Modes software for over 20 years it’s been great to be a part of the process of bringing this latest iteration to light.

One of the great assets of Modes has always been how its development is informed by sector and user needs. I recall back in the 1990s when digital imaging was becoming popular and affordable the excitement of seeing the first version of Modes that could easily display images of your collection items, something we now take for granted.

The same goes for recent developments, with calls for simpler and faster searching of data being addressed. The latest version comes with ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ speed searching of large data files, which is fantastic.

Word search in Modes Complete 1.5
Word search in Modes Complete 1.5

Whilst we were testing, we were already compiling a wish list of things that we’d like the next version to be able to do, and no sooner was this new release out of the door than thoughts were turning to the future…..

But for now, if you’re a current Modes user, upgrade to version 1.5 and feel the speed. If you’re not using Modes, or remember a DOS based version from many many years ago, take a look at what it currently delivers and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Please get in touch if you need help or support with your Modes system or training for users. I offer Modes Associate training and support – remote and on-site – alongside that delivered directly by the MUA. Further details here.

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