The Right Stuff?

Really excited that The Right Stuff? exhibition has opened at Bridport Museum.

This exhibition/activity invites visitors to explore some of the collections conundrums we face everyday in museums. Do we need another sewing machine? How relevant is this item? Have we got space? Does the collection really reflect the lives and stories of our communities? Does anyone really care?

The exhibition introduces the museum’s community focused collections review, funded by the Museums Association Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund.

Like everyone else, things had to be put on hold a bit last year, but the project is now really getting going with lots of work going on behind the scenes to better understand what the museum holds and why, with a programme of exciting and innovative activities being planned for the coming months.

I’ll update more as things develop, but the team have been working on some fun ways to work with the people of Bridport to think about what should be in their museum. The word disco has even been mentioned!

The Right Stuff? exhibition will run for the rest of the year so do pop in if you are in Bridport.

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