Stories from the Stores

Last week I was excited to be part of the team launching a new web exhibition put together by a group of museums in Wiltshire.

Thanks to a generous grant from Arts Council England we’ve been working together to explore new ways of turning museum data into discoverable online content.

You can take a look here at stories as varied as speed records, underwear, gold top hats and Chairman Mao.

It’s been a ‘proof of concept’ project, taking museum collections data held in Modes databases, sprucing it up with improved and additional content, to create hopefully interesting and engaging online stories.

We’ve worked together to try and create something more than just an online collections database (although it is that as well, with lots of ways of searching!) by re-purposing and presenting what started life as in-house collections management data.

Some of you may know that I am something of a self-confessed data and Modes geek, so this has been a great project to work on.

I’m really pleased with the end product and look forward to seeing where this trial might lead in the future. All sorts of possibilities.

Huge thanks to all the project partners who put in so much time to make this happen

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

Chippenham Museum

Athelstan Museum, Malmesbury

Market Lavington Museum

The REME Museum

Arundells, Salisbury

Wiltshire Conservation and Museums Advisory Service

The Museum Platform


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