AIM Conference 2019 highlights

Just back from an excellent few days at AIM Conference in Newark. In no particular order, a few highlights for me were:

Catching up with friends and colleagues old and new – AIM conference is fab for this – super friendly and relaxed

Hearing from some of our AIM Biffa Award History Makers projects and talking to people who have potential exciting ideas for the next round. Keep an eye on the AIM website for full details of when this goes live

Saturday study tour to National Holocaust Centre and Museum and Creswell Crags. Both amazing in very different ways. A real privilege to hear Simon Winston share his story with us. Both venues were great hosts to us and return visits are definitely on the cards

Creswell Crags
Creswell Crags

The ‘horrible histories’ nature of the National Civil War Centre in Newark. It wasn’t all like this of course, but they did have some great gruesome interpretation like this bullet removing activity!

Bullet Extractor Interactive at National Civil War Centre
Bullet Extractor Interactive at National Civil War Centre

Wiltshire getting a mention in the research being carried out by Fiona Candlin at Birkbeck, mapping independent museums from 1960 to 2020. Turns out we’re the Local Authority area with the third highest number of independent museums. Ties in nicely with a piece of work I am currently carrying out for Wiltshire Council looking at who collects what in the county, where we have identified 74 different museum organisations.

The top notch vegan food at all venues. First time I’ve ever seen the vegan biscuits guarded! Guess that’s what happens when your obscure lifestyle choice goes mainstream.

Congratulations and thanks to all the team who make the conference happen. Hope you get a bit of a rest before work starts on planning for next year.

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