History Makers

Despite the best efforts of a certain global pandemic, lots has been going on with the AIM History Makers projects over the last few months. We’ve had exhibition openings and new grants announced.

The bulk of my work on the scheme is in the early stages. Working with potential applicants to help them shape up their ideas, see if they look like a good fit for the scheme and then getting them to the grant panel and hopefully approved.

There is such a long time and a lot of hard work between having that first conversation with a potential applicant to their exhibition opening to the public, it is really nice to be able to celebrate completion of a batch of projects.

So, a quick run down of recent milestones:

Revealing Gilbert White has opened at Gilbert White’s House, Selborne, in time to celebrate the pioneering naturalists 300th (+1 thanks to Covid!) birthday.

The work of John Milton has been brought to life for audiences at Milton’s Cottage in Buckinghamshire. Innovative use of augmented reality seemingly brings animated demons and angels to life, allowing a new layer of interpretation to be added to this small space

Augmented reality demons at Milton's Cottage
Augmented reality demons at Milton’s Cottage

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House in Manchester have been awarded a grant to tell the story of the Amazons of Ardwick, exploring how Elizabeth and her daughters influenced not only literature but social and cultural change.

The Biggin Hill Memorial Museum in Kent have also been successful in securing a grant for their project, Women of the Battle of Britain, which will bring to life some of the hidden histories of World War Two.

Massive congratulations to those at either the start or end of their History Makers journey.

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