Curator vs Chaos

Bridport Museum have just opened a new exhibition as part of The Right Stuff project.

Curator vs Chaos exhibition logo

As you may recall from previous posts , this ongoing project is looking deeply (and sometimes from unusual angles!) at what the museum holds and why. Asking lots of people in lots of ways what sort of stories Bridport Museum should be telling.

This particular exhibition focusses on the art collection – what sort of pictures do people like and why? What’s important? The artist, the subject, how it makes you feel…….?

As with the whole of The Right Stuff project, feedback on the exhibition is being used to help shape what the future of collecting for Bridport Museum looks like.

As we head into the final year of the project keep an eye out for lots more events and activities using and interrogating the collection in intriguing ways.

Oh, and the exhibition title….. For any of you in museums responsible for wrangling the challenge of too much stuff, not enough space and not enough time or money, you will probably recognise the sentiment!

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