A Dalek in Aldbourne

Dalek litter bin - Aldbourne

How often do you come across a Dalek in Wiltshire? Everyday if you live in Aldbourne. There is a Tardis just alongside as well.

Being on the other side of the county I rarely get the chance to go to Aldbourne, but was delighted to visit last week at the invitation of the team of volunteers at Aldbourne Heritage Centre.

Having held it’s official opening at Easter, Aldbourne Heritage Centre is the newest addition to the community of museums in Wiltshire.

Remembering early meetings a few years ago sat around a dining room table discussing the feasibility of a museum for Aldbourne it was fantastic to visit and see what has been achieved. Like many such community museums, the heritage centre is run by and for the community and is already amassing and sharing a great wealth of history and insight into the history of this corner of Wiltshire. Well done to all the team.

And why a Dalek? If you’re a Dr Who fan you will know the link. If not – pop into the heritage centre to find out.

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