What a difference a month makes

Wow. How the world has changed since I last posted on here..... First and foremost I hope you and yours are well and safe. A window into my life over the last month would be: Work/Serious stuff As a freelancer I was already used to working from home, but now share the office with my … Continue reading What a difference a month makes

Hang in there

Wasn't quite sure what to call this post - such unprecedented times. Talking to friends and colleagues over the last few days its clear we are all learning to adjust together to this new way of being. Not easy, but it is temporary and we will come out the other side. Museums and other cultural … Continue reading Hang in there

A la Modes

Warning - this post contains discussion of museum documentation. If that's not your thing, maybe look elsewhere! One of the services I offer is support and training with the Modes Collections Management System. After 20+ years working with the software and getting to know the team I've decided to jump in even further and have … Continue reading A la Modes